COMP-ANY Membrane Covered and Controlled Composting Technology

Quality Compost

COMP-ANY Membrane Covered and Controlled Composting Technology





Compost is a high quality product resulting from a several weeks, professionally run process
using modern state-of-the-art technologies. Quality compost meets official quality standards
to ensure customer satisfaction. Top compost qualities achieve prices greater 120 Euro/t bulk matter!

Benefits of compost application to land:

  • Substitution of mineral fertilizer => organic farming schemes
  • Moisture reservoir => easier cultivation and less eolian erosion
  • Higher soil temperatures => earlier harvests => premium prices
  • Pathogen suppression => less pesticides needed => healthier products
  • Increased organic matter => higher fertility => maximised yields

Quality compost is a sustainable and environment friendly condition for the maintenance and
improvement of soil fertility. And soil fertility is the only basis for both sustainable food and
biomass derived energy production.