COMP-ANY Membrane Covered and Controlled Composting Technology

Recyclables & Space

COMP-ANY Membrane Covered and Controlled Composting Technology


Above pie chart shows an average mass distribution from mid-European landfills. As can be seen some fractions have no further
use (e.g. rejects, hazardous waste) but only a problematic feature while others can be used again (e.g. metals, RDF, inerts).

Imagine a landfill in operation from 1950 - 2000 for a city with 500.000 inhabitants: We are talking about a total waste amount of
about 10 Mio. tons equalling 20 Mio. m³.

If the figures from the above pie chart are transferred to the waste amounts being buried in mega cities' landfills an enormous
potential of recyclables can be generated. What remains after extraction of valuable materials through landfill remediation, the
reject fraction, is only a fractional amount of the previous waste volume resulting in a net generation of space formerly occupied
by the landfill.

As a consequence of landfill remediation many tons of primary resources can be substituted by recyclables and the landfill space
gained by this material recovery leaves free capacity for future disposals.