COMP-ANY Membrane Covered and Controlled Composting Technology

Landfilled Waste

COMP-ANY Membrane Covered and Controlled Composting Technology

In the following schedule you can see what kind of waste is currently landfilled in various countries:

Malaysia Philippines EU
Biodegradable waste 51% 62% 35%
Paper 15% 7% 24%
Plastic 14% 12% 19%
Metal 4% 3% 4%
Glass & Ceramic 3% 10% 7%
Textile 7% n/a 7%
Other 10% 6% 17%

As waste comes as a heterogeneous, often smelly and leaching matter mankind has either burned it or disposed it in the ground for centuries. With increasing population on earth, energy and matter demand as well as prices rise and burying potentially valuable materials into the ground is no longer the best option.

COMP-ANY knows how to turn problematic waste matter into valuable recyclables and energy. This goes for fresh as well as for already landfilled waste. We therefore perceive even old landfills as a resource which can be made useable - after biological stabilisation and mechanical separation. Remediation of landfills for creation of recyclables and waste derived fuels is a more sustainable way in dealing with the waste challenge from previous and for the benefit of future generations.