COMP-ANY Membrane Covered and Controlled Composting Technology


COMP-ANY Membrane Covered and Controlled Composting Technology



One of nature's key characteristics is diversity. This is also valid for biological
waste treatment which depends on the microbes' activity, the feedstock, the
temperature and oxygen conditions, the seasonal variety of input materials and
changing climatic conditions.

There is no technology which can cope with all these varying process conditions
automatically. Therefore our long term experience, being supplied to the
customer in form of services, is our effective reaction to our business' and
natures' diversity and an essential part of COMP-ANY's scope of supply.

Services offered 

  • Design, build and operate on a euro/ton basis
  • Partnership/joint ventures for site development and operation
  • Turnkey plant supply: design, installation and commissioning
  • Supply of plant and equipment with service package
  • Consultancy/licensing: all aspects of planning, waste permits, EPA waste licensing,
    and ABPR applications
  • Feasibility studies on different wastes and processing methods
  • On-site waste trials using modular pilot systems
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting