COMP-ANY Membrane Covered and Controlled Composting Technology


COMP-ANY Membrane Covered and Controlled Composting Technology

Cleanaway Baltics - AS Cleanaway, SIA Cleanaway and UAB Cleanaway - belong to Sulo group, a waste management and
recycling company that is known over Europe. International background gives the company access to international knowledge
and technology, that implemented in the Baltic States also give possibility for environment friendly waste management in
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Since October 2006 AS Cleanaway is treating their waste (chicken feathers, timber, vegetable waste) with our AGILE™ Technology
on their composting site in Tallinn. oder

Energy and Commodity Services GmbH is a subsidiary of the Bavarian State Bank (BayernLB) in Munich, Germany. ECS tenders
their cooperation in development of projects that protect the climate, advises at the scope of venture management and the
trade of energy and crude material, especially emissions. ECS supports preparation of projects and manages the application
processes necessary to get the CERs issued and sold.

Consulting agency for installation and sales of waste management projects. Insideout is our partner for the realisation of drying
projects in the UK.

Wintima Corporation is our partner for treatment of Municipal Solid Waste in Malaysia. Wintima is a Malaysian local company experienced
in waste water treatment and erosion control. 


WasteWorks specialises in design of anaerobic digester systems and reedbed wastewater treatment systems and related
consultancy services such as feasibility studies. 25 years experience of design, installation and operation of digester systems for
a wide range of wastes including municipal organic wastes, domestic and municipal sludges, farm and agricultural wastes, and
energy crops. Secondary and tertiary reedbed systems for wastewater installations to 1000pe, and wetlands for treatment
of runoff from industrial installations.