COMP-ANY Membrane Covered and Controlled Composting Technology


COMP-ANY Membrane Covered and Controlled Composting Technology

Biological waste treatment with membrane covered, positively aerated static heaps started its triumphant success in the early 1990s. Nowadays more than 170 sites with an annual throughput of greater 1.5 Mio. tons are in full operation in Europe, Asia, Australia and America. A vast variety of organic and/or mixed input materials at sites varying from 1.500 t/a to 160.000 t/a throughput at very different climatic conditions proof our principle of "Superior Simplicity" to be the best approach possible. Have a look at some exemplary cases shown below and call us to receive information on the most comparable reference site within our portfolio.

At the MBT plant Schoeneiche operated by the company MEAB in Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany 75.000 tons per year of mixed solid waste are treated in the curing phase with the COMP-ANY system. The 20 aerated membrane covered heaps with a volume of round 900 sq m each make sure that within some weeks a significant reduction of odour is achieved and the legally required parameters for landfilling are fulfilled. The volume reduction of the material processed considerably preserves the capacity of the landfill.
COMP-ANY's technology was the most cost-effective and quick to install solution to odour problems at site. Together with COMP-ANY we achieved all necessary
approvals from our supervising authority.
Dirk Michaelis, managing director of MEAB mbH

The tomato waste Composting Site Arreton, Isle of Wight, England helps Wight Salads, a major cherry tomato producer, to achieve status as organically farmed vegetable producer. By turning all the residues from large greenhouse tomato production into fully sanitised and premium quality compost Wight Salads kills two birds with one stone: Substitution of costly fertilizer by compost while achieving premium prices for the tomatoes.
"As the Europe-wide leading organic tomato producer we are interested in using only top quality products for our tomatoes. The COMP-ANY composting system guarantees constantly high quality and sanitised compost with excellent physical properties."
Richard Adams, nursery operations manager, Wight Salads Group



The poultry waste Composting Site Tallinn, Estonia, located at the vicinity of the most modern landfill in the Baltic countries, shows how to successfully combine fairly small throughputs (12,000 t/a) with highest licence standards. Due to some input materials, mainly chicken feathers from abattoirs, the site is approved as fully compliant for category 3 materials according to the EU Animal By-Product Regulation. The technology installed is a set of AGILE containers serving up to 12 heaps.
"I decided to use the COMP-ANY AGILE System mainly because it enabled me to extend the site capacity in a modular way with increasing waste quantities without hindrance in operation of the modules in operation. For me it was important to use a certified enclosed system compliant with the EU animal by-product regulation. Very important for the successful operation was COMP-ANYs support on site designing, set up and assistance on site notification process."
Allan Pohlak, managing director, Tallinna Pruegila AS

The seafood waste Composting Site Pettigo, Republic of Ireland is most probably the largest fish waste processor in the entire EU. This privately run operation achieved first category 3 ABPR compliance of whole Ireland by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development in October 2006. Pettigo gives proof that a joint approach between site owner and process/technology supplier leads to fully compliant solutions which satisfy cost-efficiency requirements too.
"Using COMP-ANY technology, we were one of the first composting sites in Ireland to receive Animal By-Product approval in accordance with the European Communities (ABP) Regulations of 2003 (updated in 2008).  We accept a range of high end Category 3 waste material from which we produce high quality value added compost for sale to the horticultural and landscaping industry."
Martin Eves, managing director of EnviroGrind Ltd.


Armies around the globe always have to deal with the challenge of safe and environmental friendly solid waste disposal. Since 2005 all the food waste and sewage sludge of US Army Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo is treated with our mobile composting unit AGILE Flex. This technology allows a comprehensive on-camp waste handling without dangerous transports to off-site waste disposal areas. It is also suitable for the entire solid waste and then works as a biological drying unit before further recycling of waste derived fractions. The short treatment period, reliable product quality and low operation expenses increase the value of this COMP-ANY solution for the US Army.
"We decided to compost the organic waste of our military camp and use it for erosion control within the camp. Since the AGILE System is in operation we could significantly reduce the outbound waste haulage and as a result the potentially dangerous exposure of our soldiers and civil employees by managing the waste treatment inside the camp. The noxious smoke of the dunnage burners is history."
LTC Bill Gatewood, US Army